Promoting Your Travel Site: Can You Digg It?

Posted on July 28, 2009

There are probably many things you want out of your online travel website: targeted marketing articles, strong SEO content writing and increased traffic to your site. You may not realize it, but there is another thing you will want your site to do: to get Dugg.

Digg is a social media site geared toward bookmarking. When users find what they are looking for online and like what they see, they have the ability to Digg it, or add it to a bookmarked list of other sites they enjoy.

How can a Digg account help your tourism or CVB site?

1.    Use Digg to organize articles relevant to the interests of your business. Whether your destination is waterside or countryside, learn more about what your tourists are interested in to help promote your destination. Use Digg’s built-in search engine to find what interests your tourists.

2.    Promote your Web content on Digg to improve SEO. With a Digg account, you can repost all of the content on your site to your Digg site. By doing this, it is recirculated on the Web more, putting more eyes on what your company has to offer.

3.    Link with other businesses of the like to create a network. By using the Add Friends option, you can link yourself with other similar businesses to generate more hits on your Web site.

4.     Allow people to Digg your destination. After visiting your travel site, visitors can deside to Digg what they’ve read, adding your site to their Digg account. Doing so makes them more likely to share what they have found with others, giving your destination more publicity.

Keeping up with one more social networking site can add to an already long to-do list. At Simple Tourism, we can manage a Digg account for your business, along with other social networking sites that are specifically beneficial to your tourism marketing plan.

Getting Dugg will not only help you tune into the travel industry around you, but more importantly help tourists dig your location.

Jessica Swink is a freelance writer specializing in articles on SEO for travel websites and professional SEO and online marketing services.

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