Using Social Bookmarking in Tourism Marketing: Digg

Posted on August 4, 2009

socialbookmarking-diggWhat is it?

Digg is a social media site geared toward bookmarking. When users find what they are looking for online and like what they see, they have the ability to Digg it, or add it to a bookmarked list of other sites they enjoy. Users can search for articles online via a search box at the top, or they may choose to browse the listed categories. These topics include: Technology, World & Business, Science, Gaming, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports and Offbeat. When someone finds an article they like, they can “Digg” it, adding to it’s popularity and likelihood of being found by other users, or they can “Bury” something, taking away a popularity point.

Who uses it?

People who use Digg are constantly going through information on the Internet. Some may have a toolbar on their browser that allows them to instantly “Digg” or “Bury” each page on the Web site. However, newcomers to the Digg world can see how popular certain topics are, and which pages provide the best information.

Benefits in Tourism Marketing

Digg can work for your CVB or tourism bureau – you just have to know how to make it work for you. Having a Digg account should be an active process, not something to just sign up for and let it work for you. Digg allows the posting of all Web sites, so if your travel agency has a blog, you can upload each entry to the site. This not only promotes your destination, but allows for more circulation of your content online. Doing so allows more traffic to flow back to your site. If you tag your entries with keywords describing your destination, potential tourists will have the opportunity to find your CVB or tourism bureau easier.

How to Sign Up

You can provide Digg with as little or much information as you’d like when you register. If you have a Facebook account, you can enter your login information and it will automatically import friends and info, as well as post content to your wall as you upload content. If you don’t have Facebook, simply create a username and password and provide an e-mail and you are on well on your way to Digging through the Internet.

Social media optimization defines the use of new portals and sites designed to bring people of common interests together, and travel-related companies have recognized the marketing potential for such sites. At Simple Tourism, we specialize in the maintenance and development of your brand and destination via social media exposure. Social networking sites offer Internet users the opportunity to discover where to eat while on vacation, and which resorts have the best deals. These networks also provide businesses the opportunity to boost the link popularity of their main websites and draw potential subscribers to become regular visitors of their sites as well. When you sign on with Simple Tourism for our SMO package, you have the option of customizing a social media presence as it suits your business or bureau. Contact us today for a free quote.

Jessica Swink is a freelance writer specializing in articles about Social Media Optimization and SEO for travel Web sites.

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