Help With Yelp for Tourism Marketing

Posted on March 29, 2010

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If you are a business owner of any kind, you understand (and fearfully respect) the power of public opinion. If one customer walks out your door upset, they have the power to run your brand’s name through the dirt through social media. While word-of-mouth advertising can be the best form out there, it can also shed a lot of negative light to your company.

Meet your tourists and travelers half way by making it easy for them to give reviews.

Yelp, an online business rating site, allows people to log on, create accounts and provide a glimpse into a business’s services for other future customers. It is in every tourism and travel business’s interests to take the following steps to help make this process easier for their visitors, even if it brings on less-than-desirable reviews:

1. Create your online profile and fill it out completely.

The last thing you want is another person filling out information about your destination that is not quite right, or misleading in any way. Because other future tourists will view information about your business before even booking their trip, you want to make sure they have all of the correct information coming straight from the destination itself, not other people.

2. Interact often by commenting and posting specials.

If people are showing your attraction or business love, spread that love. People shouldn’t go onto review sites expecting to be rewarded, but if you are running any existing promotions or contests, by no means should you exclude your Yelp profile from getting that information out. Again, Yelp is a place people can check your business out before leaving their homes, so make sure they have a reason to come out to your place. If people are responding negatively to your destination on your Yelp profile, do not delete their comments. Instead, respond promptly and proactively to help them reach a  resolution. Others will see how helpful you are in resolving a situation, and it may work in your favor.

3. Incorporate Yelp into your social media strategy.

Just like tourism and travel businesses have social media strategies on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more, Yelp should be just as important. Each time you get a good review, blog or post it to Facebook. Tweet the link to your profile on Yelp, and post it on your Web site. Your future tourists will be impressed that you encourage your guests to leave comments openly and unfiltered for all the world to see. This will show confidence from you about your products and services, and give people a better reason to check out your destination.

Jessica Swink is a freelance writer specializing in articles about SEO for travel Web sites, European hotel booking,  and professional social media services.

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