Google’s Think Tourism Conference

October 20, 2011 View Comments

We at Simple Tourism are proud to be invited to Google headquarters for their annual Think Tourism conference. We look forward to networking with people in the tourism and technology industries, learning more about increasing social reach for destinations and improving their bottom line.

Advantages of Blogging – How Blogging Can Help Increase SEO

August 20, 2011 View Comments

Despite the popularity of Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr, people continue to post to blogs. Blogging platforms provide users with a simple way of instantly publishing material – everything from a crafted, lengthy essay to embedded videos and pictures. Though some SEO/SMO firms may emphasize work via social media as part of your online marketing [...]

Choosing the Right Twitter Hashtag for Your Marketing

July 20, 2011 View Comments

Used to be you’d see a billboard advertising a product or service with a phone number underneath the company logo. Then the phone number became a website address, then a Facebook user name alongside the unmistakable blue square with rounded corners. Today, you are more likely to find advertisements that display none of these things [...]

Twitter Connections – How to Establish Connections on Twitter

June 8, 2011 View Comments

What can a business do on Twitter to improve their social media clout and click-through rating? As somebody who works in social media, I’m asked this often. Where Facebook and YouTube appear to offer businesses a clear understanding of how they work and how they benefit others, Twitter remains an enigma. Business marketers know they [...]

Can Social Media Ruin Customer Relations?

May 20, 2011 View Comments

Once upon a time, if you had an issue with a particular vendor or store, you did one of three things. If the business was local, you probably drove to the location to lodge your complaint or extend your compliment. If you wanted to deal with a national company, you might have written a letter [...]