Hong Kong Destination Marketing

如果游客在一个大都市东,西文化的丰富来看,香港是理想的去处。太平山顶,维多利亚港和大佛只有少数香港的许多受欢迎的旅游站。香港也是世界各地的商人和妇女的好地方,从收集的会议和展览会。香港是一个前20名的旅游胜地美国人点。美国人也知道你的公司存在?无论你拥有一家餐馆,酒店,旅游公司或游客中心,您需要一个网站,吸引美国人增加您的旅游业。 简单旅游业所需的工具,使您的目的地为美国旅行者不可抗拒的。为了获得最大的访问者,您需要一个强大的存在网上。我们将与你建立一个有吸引力的网页,与社会网络配置齐全,付费点击广告,电子邮件营销活动和专业的博客写作。我们的作家可以填写您的网站,它将在您的目的地旅游吸引力的核心条款,唤醒他们的感觉和捕捉他们的好奇心。我们还将利用顶端搜索引擎优化策略,以确保您的目的地在你的游客的搜索结果的顶部。 你还等什么呢?今天就联络我们进一步了解我们服务的信息。我们愿意为您带来更多的流量,但一切都始于更多的流量到您的网站。

If tourists are looking for a metropolis rich in both East and West culture, Hong Kong is the perfect destination. The Peak, Victoria Harbor and Great Buddha are only a few of Hong Kong’s many popular travel stops. Hong Kong is also an excellent place for businessmen and women from all over the world to gather for conventions and exhibitions. Hong Kong is a top-20 most visited vacation spot by Americans. Do Americans know your company exists? Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, tour company or visitor center, you need a Web site that is attractive to Americans to increase your tourism.

Simple Tourism has the tools you need to make your destination irresistible for American travelers. To get the most visitors, you need a strong presence online. We will work with you to build an attractive Web page, complete with social networking profilespay-per-click advertisementse-mail marketing campaigns and professional blog writing. Our writers can fill your site with compelling articles that puts tourists in the heart of your destination, awakening their senses and capturing their curiosity. We will also use top SEO strategies to make sure your destination is at the top of your tourists’ search results.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information about our services. We are ready to bring you more traffic, but it all starts with more traffic to your Web site.

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