Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to getting to your physical location, tourists can use GPS and maps. However, when they search online for a vacation, they may not know how to get to your site, and there is no guidance other than search rankings to get them to your site. Search engine optimization, or SEO, uses the right mix of keywords to put your site higher on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It’s a simple equation: more traffic to your Web site equals more traffic to your destination. It’s that easy.

Our team of writers can help write content for your travel site that is rich in keywords most recognized by top search engines. We know the right equations when it comes to which words will move you up the search rankings the fastest. We don’t just ask, “How can we get you page one search results?” We also ask, “How do we get people to their destination once they are on your site?”

Simple Tourism is dedicated to staying on top of the latest SEO strategies, including:

Optimizing all the relevant HTML tags – Before we even start any of our services, we will take a look at the code of your existing travel site.  Search engines are constantly searching for new sites to add to their listings. They do this by crawling through all Web sites and looking for keywords interlaced in each site’s code.  These tags can be META tags (those that define the site), TITLE tags (those that show what the search result will be) and ALT tags (those that accompany images).  You may not even know these keywords are there, but we know where to find and manipulate them to attract your optimum tourist audience.

Writing keyword-rich blog entries and content – Google loves new content. In fact, search spiders give blogs more precedence in the rankings than static pages. This doesn’t mean constantly updating your pages, but adding keyword-rich articles about your destination in blog form. Think of this as a double-win: Google will recognize your site over your competition and you will have the opportunity to showcase your destination’s most attractive sights and sounds. Not only will search engines love you, but your future tourists will too!

Submitting your link to major Web directories and engines – Instead of just waiting to be recognized by search engines, we will take a proactive approach to putting your travel site in the top search rankings. DMOZ and Yahoo are very important sites to be listed on, and we can also submit your travel site to other niche directories that would increase the amount of exposure to your destination. Finally, Google and Bing local directories are crucial to establish a presence in your area. Who knows? Your future tourists could be those that live close and need a quick vacation.

Building up your outside links – Not only does Google love new content, but also sites who have been linked by other sites, preferably with a ranking of at least 5 or 6 in Google. Again, don’t fret. This isn’t a popularity contest or as stressful as finding the “cool kids” table in the lunchroom. We will manage your link popularity for you and figure out who are the best relationships to build. We search for quality, not quantity, and we can make your travel site a reference for other sites in your physical vicinity. This is an ongoing process, but we are dedicated to putting your tourist business on the map.

As SEO continues to evolve, strategies will change. What will never change is the need to make SEO an ongoing process in the maintenance of your travel Web site.

Don’t feel disappointed if you don’t see immediate results. Some sites may take weeks to see the impact of SEO, while others even longer. Indeed, we have seen this with past SEO clients, yet almost all of them ultimately found the traffic, and sales, they wanted as our efforts took hold. Don’t wait to be seen in search, and let your competition take away your future tourists!

Contact Simple Tourism today to learn more about our special SEO packages for travel industry sites.

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