Social Media Optimization

With all of the many social networking sites out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. As if keeping up with the newest trends isn’t enough, you may not understand how much or what kind of social media your travel agency needs.

Relax. That’s our job.

Our team of writers are social media experts, specializing in managing many different online profiles for a variety of travel and tourism businesses. We know what works and what doesn’t, as well as how to best market your Web site across many social media platforms. Putting your destination on the map by creating original, SEO-rich content, then posting it to different social bookmarking sites will increase the exposure to your travel site and ultimately, your destination.

Social networking provides you with the opportunity to directly connect with your future visitors and share information with them instantly in a casual manner. Sites like Facebook and MySpace allow you to post pictures, music and video about your destination to supplement and draw the attention back to your Web site. Twitter updates can be absolutely be a useful tool for getting out promotions or rates information about your destination. Bookmarking is a quick way to get content from your Web site stretched across the Web.

Here are examples of social media done right in the tourism business:

  • A hotel uses Twitter to keep future guests updated about renovations, specials, amenities and nearby attractions to keep guests happy before they even check in.
  • By creating a fan page on Facebook, a resort has the opportunity to create promotions and reach out to its beloved guests on a media they use most.
  • A convention bureau posts videos on YouTube of local festivals, events and conventions on its Web site, showing off its sights and sounds to future visitors.
  • A bed & breakfast decides to post a visual guestbook on Flickr, in addition to pictures of the building and its surroundings, encouraging feedback and bragging rights.

Here are examples of social media gone wrong:

  • A hotel set up a Twitter account because it is the trendy, new way to do business, but hasn’t updated or interacted on it since the account was created.
  • A resort created a fan page, but does nothing to promote it with it’s past visitors, leaving it unnoticed and uninteresting to its demographics on Facebook.
  • The CVB that thought YouTube was a great idea realized it was too much work, and has only one video on its site … from an event two years ago.
  • A Flickr account with great hopes of beginning a springboard of great feedback about a bed & breakfast only has a handful of pictures with no captions.

You see, it makes no difference if you are plugged into social media outlets. These days, everyone is. We emphasize the social in social networking, and we keep you in-the-know about what your future tourists are doing while you do what you do best: manage your tourism business.

When you sign on with Simple Tourism for our SMO package, you have the option of customizing a social media presence as it suits your business or bureau. Want to attract a specific demographic? We will find the right platform for you.

Contact Simple Tourism today to learn more about our Social Media Optimization packages and to get a free estimate.

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