Simple Tourism is a Google AdWords Qualified Company

google-adwordsYou wouldn’t just give your credit card to anyone who promises to make you money, would you? Of course not.  Smart buyers do research before making any major purchases or investments. The same things applies to your PPC campaign. Many people will claim they can help you invest your money and direct more traffic to your Web site and destination, but may not be qualified to do so.

Not only is Simple Tourism an industry leader in Web design, social media marketing, search engine optimization and travel writing, we are also a Google AdWords Qualified Company.

In order to be a Qualified Individual in the Google Advertising Professionals program, an individual must pass the Google Advertising Professional Exam and retake it every three years. Also, qualified companies must maintain a certain spending quota with Google, and since we spent so much, we have a dedicated 3-person team of travel experts at Google.

Why bring on a Google AdWords Professional? Having a team specialized on your advertising means you can focus on your business, not campaigns and keywords. Also, because we work closely with a dedicated team of Google representatives, you can rest assured that we have your best interest at heart.

Contact us today for a free consultation about what we can do for your tourism or travel business.

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