Social Media Tracking and Brand Monitoring

The more you resist setting up social networks for your business, the more time you allow people to use the names in your brand.  The longer you wait to utilize social networks to push your brand to your future customers, the more longer your competitors have to create and market their social networks and push themselves ahead of you. Not having a reputation online is just as bad as having a bad one.

However, in the service business, your customers are either satisfied or not, and some can be more vocal than others in expressing their contentment. While it’s great to be praised for great services, most people only comment and post reviews if  they are negative. Whether or not you create the content, your Web presence is a permanent record of your activities. Are these people qualified to be your voice?

At Simple Tourism, we are trained in the areas of reputation management, corporate branding and crisis management. We know that there is value in every comment or review posted about your business, and we are dedicated to putting your best foot forward for you.

Our strategy: watch what is being said about your travel or tourism business, join the conversation, converse to make it better (meanwhile leveraging competitors), measure the buzz and enjoy the results.

Social Networking Analytics
Building up your brand throughout an array of social networks will increase your bottom line, and we can provide the numbers to back that up. Our data-gathering software will provide statistics of how many times each blog posting is viewed and from where, to where your business is mentioned across the Web.

Simple Tourism will be notified with every mention of your company across millions of blogs, public forums, public Facebook groups and Twitter. From there, we can monitor what people are saying about you and participate in the conversation by building up your reputation as a professional travel or tourism agency.

We will not only be able to provide you with information on what people are saying, but Simple Tourism will provide you with information on which markets are seeking information about your destination. We are committed to providing you with our post aggregation data in results that are simple to read, distribute, share and analyze.

With our results, you will be able to uncover trends, patterns and make comparisons that will show us what areas of social media are working best, and what strategies we can modify to ensure maximum brand exposure.

Contact us today to find out how we can help monitor your online brand.

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