Social Networking for the Tourism Industry

Sure, your travel agency or tourism bureau’s Web site is central hub for all of your online activity. From evaluating your site, people will have an idea of what your destination has to offer within minutes. While an organized home page is very important, it is also beneficial to meet your future tourists on their own playing fields.

The purpose of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are to keep friends and family connected, and to keep consistent conversation going. Facebook alone has more than 300 million active users log on to Facebook every day, and at least 50% of those users log on every day. Twitter boasts more than 14 million visitors in the US alone. Right now, someone is talking about your destination – why not join in?

Not only do social networks allow you to participate in conversations about your destination with your future tourists, but it also serves as a great place to publish blog articles to direct people to sights and sounds about your location, all while stretching your brand name across the Web in many more places.

At Simple Tourism, we have dedicated social media marketing professionals who know all of the best strategies for keeping your social networks reaching out to your target customers. Our brand monitoring and analytics will track down any negative buzz about your brand and we will use that opportunity to reach out positive feedback about your destination to your future tourists.

It’s time to get social with your tourists. Contact us today.

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