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Can Social Media Ruin Customer Relations?

May 20, 2011 View Comments

Once upon a time, if you had an issue with a particular vendor or store, you did one of three things. If the business was local, you probably drove to the location to lodge your complaint or extend your compliment. If you wanted to deal with a national company, you might have written a letter [...]

What You Can Learn From BP’s Mistakes

July 7, 2010 View Comments

Of all the lessons learned from the BP debacle, the most important was the first one BP learned. The internet is a powerful PR tool that can crush you quickly. Bad news gushed across the internet like…well, like a broken pipe. In the days, and now weeks, following the initial report, BP continued to make [...]

Help With Yelp for Tourism Marketing

March 29, 2010 View Comments

Yelp, an online business rating site, allows people to log on, create accounts and provide a glimpse into a business’s services for other future customers. It is in every tourism and travel business’s interests to take the following steps to help make this process easier for their visitors.

Reach Out to Traveling 20-Somethings Through Social Media

March 22, 2010 View Comments

How to reach key target demographics when planning your tourism marketing campaign in social media.

Creating a Social Media Plan for Tourism Marketing

March 4, 2010 View Comments

Most successful ventures in life generally start with a plan. Unfortunately, most who decide to use social media for travel marketing forgo necessary strategy. Through the careful planning and interacting on these networks (and others), you can drive traffic to your destination.