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What You Can Learn From BP’s Mistakes

July 7, 2010 View Comments

Of all the lessons learned from the BP debacle, the most important was the first one BP learned. The internet is a powerful PR tool that can crush you quickly. Bad news gushed across the internet like…well, like a broken pipe. In the days, and now weeks, following the initial report, BP continued to make [...]

Reach Out to Traveling 20-Somethings Through Social Media

March 22, 2010 View Comments

How to reach key target demographics when planning your tourism marketing campaign in social media.

Survey Says Tourists Use Facebook and Twitter for Travel Planning

January 29, 2010 View Comments

Ever wonder if social media is really worth the effort for your travel or tourism business?
(Insert a resounding “YES” here.)
This week, Ypartnership and the U.S. Travel Association released a survey of 2,200 American adults and found that 59% of the active travelers have visited social networking sites like Facebook (about 50%) or MySpace (about [...]

Using Social Networking in Tourism Marketing: Facebook

August 6, 2009 View Comments

What is it?
Facebook is one of the front-line social networking sites on the Internet. With a few clicks of the mouse, users have the opportunity to create a profile online, listing as much or little information they desire including everything from political affiliations to favorite books, interests to work history. Keeping up with friends, coworkers [...]

Using Social Bookmarking in Tourism Marketing: Delicious

August 4, 2009 View Comments

What is it?
Delicious is a straight-forward social bookmarking site that allows users to search for articles by keyword, or tags. You can also join networks, allowing you to find friends and interesting people to see what they are bookmarking. Sending and receiving pages of interest can be achieved by a few clicks of a button.
Who [...]