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What You Can Learn From BP’s Mistakes

July 7, 2010 View Comments

Of all the lessons learned from the BP debacle, the most important was the first one BP learned. The internet is a powerful PR tool that can crush you quickly. Bad news gushed across the internet like…well, like a broken pipe. In the days, and now weeks, following the initial report, BP continued to make [...]

Traveling With Animals: Getting to Your Destination Hassle Free

August 6, 2009 View Comments

For some, a dog or cat is much more than a pet: it’s a member of the family. So when you go on a trip, how can you make sure your four-legged friend gets to tag along, hassle free? Do your homework.
Transportation by air
Most airlines will allow small animals to be carried on board the [...]

Tips for Flying with a Toddler

July 14, 2009 View Comments

Sometimes it cannot be avoided, taking a child under two on a plane for an emergency trip. Perhaps you have heard (or even experienced) horror stories of being trapped on a plane for two hours while a baby screeched the entire time. Maybe, too, you were the person who sat next to the harried mother as she tried to soothe her squirming infant. To be the harbinger of such misery is not a welcome prospect.