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Choosing the Right Twitter Hashtag for Your Marketing

July 20, 2011 No comments yet

Used to be you’d see a billboard advertising a product or service with a phone number underneath the company logo. Then the phone number became a website address, then a Facebook user name alongside the unmistakable blue square with rounded corners. Today, you are more likely to find advertisements that display none of these things […]

Twitter Connections – How to Establish Connections on Twitter

June 8, 2011 No comments yet

What can a business do on Twitter to improve their social media clout and click-through rating? As somebody who works in social media, I’m asked this often. Where Facebook and YouTube appear to offer businesses a clear understanding of how they work and how they benefit others, Twitter remains an enigma. Business marketers know they […]

What You Can Learn From BP’s Mistakes

July 7, 2010 No comments yet

Of all the lessons learned from the BP debacle, the most important was the first one BP learned. The internet is a powerful PR tool that can crush you quickly. Bad news gushed across the internet like…well, like a broken pipe. In the days, and now weeks, following the initial report, BP continued to make […]

Reach Out to Traveling 20-Somethings Through Social Media

March 22, 2010 No comments yet

How to reach key target demographics when planning your tourism marketing campaign in social media.

Creating a Social Media Plan for Tourism Marketing

March 4, 2010 No comments yet

Most successful ventures in life generally start with a plan. Unfortunately, most who decide to use social media for travel marketing forgo necessary strategy. Through the careful planning and interacting on these networks (and others), you can drive traffic to your destination.