Travel Writing

travel-writingDoes the sunsets over your city take your breath away?

Is there a world-famous restaurant in your neck of the woods?

How many awards has your bed and breakfast or hotel won?

What kind of historic events or people does your destination boast?

At Simple Tourism, we know how to put the sights, sounds and tastes of your landmark, city or hotel into words. By blogging your destination, we can create original articles and post them across the Web to get maximum traffic to your Web site, and ultimately your destination.

Let us maintain a blog for your destination’s Web site. We will write blog articles, post them to your social networking and bookmarking accounts, share them with third-party sites that attract your future tourists and keep your site updated. Simple Tourism employs the best SEO writers to write relevant articles that are rich in keywords most likely recognized by Google.

For examples of our work, please browse our blog. We are ready to draw in more visitors to your site, and to you location. Let us write the words that keep your tourists coming back. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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